“Bonjour Stéphanie,
Voici en pièce jointe quelques témoignages de nos élèves sur l’accueil des familles lors de notre séjour. Ils sont enchantés et repartiraient dès demain s’ils le pouvaient!
Merci encore à tous et à toutes pour cet accueil exceptionnel!

Françoise R”

French pupils’ testimonies about Stephanie’s families:

Laura, Mélissandre, Ouissaime We have loads of great memories! It was fabulous! Such a great human experience ! Vanessa (our host) was such a lovely person! The greeting was so good ! Thanks!

My stay in England was very good. It was the first time I went to a foreign family and it was a really good experience! Mrs B was so welcoming ! It was a real pleasure to stay with her.
Morgane and Annaëlle Our host family was probably the best!… Lisa and her daughter were so kind with us! We are really grateful for what they’ve done for us! When you stay far from where you live, it’s so important to be in a cosy place. We talked a lot so we could improve our English!!
Bryan, Alexis Our trip was great and it was good to be with our host family at night! We also enjoyed the dogs! Thank you for all!

I’d just like to say ‘Thank you’ to my fabulous host family! They were so kind and warm. We had very interesting exchanges – I could improve my vocabulary and learnt many typical English phrases!
Sam Great trip! Very welcoming family! Very warm greeting ! Large house, really comfortable! Very good cooking too! Such a good atmosphere!

Very nice family, good exchanges! That was really interesting for me! Everything was good… and great meals!!
Lucie Our family was really caring, friendly and warm. They talked a lot, they taught us a typical game, and we taught them a French game…well, great atmosphere! Real parents for us!
Rémi That was a magical week and the family did their best to exchange with us ! They were funny and so open-minded! They cooked such good meals!
Enola, Mathilde Our family was very welcoming and so careful about every detail : great meals, clean bathroom, comfortable beds! Thank you so much!
Olivier, Valentin The family was great – we just loved how they greeted us. We really liked to speak with them at dinner or breakfast time. And the food was…yummy!

I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful greeting! My family was funny, talkative! A few days more… would have been perfect!!

I keep wonderful memories of my family in SevenOaks. I still remember the first day when we arrived after such a long trip… It was my friend Leïla’s birthday, so we sang altogether and ate delicious cupcakes! The warmth of a good bed, good food, and a shower after travelling had no price! Sarah was so lovely! I had an amazing time chatting with her ! The best experience ever!
Mathilde Thank you so much for your kindess! The time spent with you was amazing! You were the best family! Thanks for all! Kisses from Montbéliard.. (France)


Je suis venue à plusieurs reprises en Angleterre, mais la ville de Tunbridge Wells m’a particulièrement séduite, j’y suis d’ailleurs retournée plusieurs fois. J’ai choisi cette ville, pour son accessibilité, sa proximité de Londres. Cette ville de taille moyenne permet de prendre très rapidement ses repères et de se sentir chez soi. L’ambiance typique anglaise se retrouve particulièrement dans le quartier historique des Pantiles.

Malgré mes attentes très exigeantes concernant la famille d’accueil (mais aussi les cours), Stéphanie a su répondre à toutes mes demandes afin de rendre mon séjour le plus agréable possible. En effet, le séjour est vraiment personnalisable (situation géographique de la famille, centres d’intérêts de la famille, présence d’un animal… Les familles sont très accueillantes et aident à établir rapidement un dialogue (ce qui permet d’améliorer considérablement son niveau de langue), elles vivent dans des logements confortables et propres. En plus du travail réalisé en amont du séjour (recherche de la famille

correspondant aux critères), Stéphanie est présente tout au long du séjour pour s’assurer que tout se passe pour le mieux. En résumé, je recommanderais, sans hésitations Joujou Papillon séjour linguistiques dans l’organisation de séjours linguistiques.


I have visited England on a number of occasions, however I really fell in love with Tunbridge Wells. So much so, that I have been back several times. I chose this town for its easy access, and its close proximity to London. This average sized town enables you to find your whereabouts quite quickly and makes you feel very much at home. The quintessentially English atmosphere is particularly prevalent in the historical Pantiles area of the town.

Despite my numerous and exacting requirements regarding the course and the host family, Stephanie met every one of my wishes in order to make my stay as enjoyable as possible. In effect, the stay can be tailored to one’s needs (geographic location of the host family, the family’s interests, pets, etc). The families are very welcoming and friendly and help start a dialogue (which ensures a significant improvement in the level of one’s linguistic abilities). The families also have nice, clean homes. In addition to the work carried out in advance of my stay (the necessary search for a family matching the criteria set out), Stephanie ensures her presence during the stay, to reassure herself that all is going well.

In conclusion, I would without any hesitation recommend Joujou Papillon for the organisation of linguistic experiences.

Floriane Olard, Student of Maths & Physics, preparing for a masters degree in Engineering, from France

While my two-week stay in Tunbridge Wells I felt that I was in good hands. My host mother cared very well for me. Besides preparing delicious food she always wanted to spend time with me. I never felt lost or ignored since the other host children became good company to me as well. I’m really thankful that my first experience in a host family was such a lovely one so that I gladly would return.

Fine, Germany

Dear everyone,

I am an Italian girl and I spent some time in Tunbridge Wells last summer.
It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed the time spent with my host family: they were available for everything, they always proposed me something different to do in the weekend, they made me feel at ease in any situations and we had fun together.

But all of that would not have been possible without Stephanie Heymer, who was responsible for finding an accommodation for everyone. She does her job with commitment and dedication: she takes great care in choosing the host family and pays attention on providing a professional and effective service.

She keeps getting in touch with you during all the period you live in that accommodation, to be sure you are happy and satisfied of your stay there. She has great relationships with host families as well as she wants to be happy to work with them and that they will look after her students. She is also thoughtful to put herself in the position of student’s parents and she tries to ease their concerns by being very selective with the families that are chosen to host and making sure they are ok during their stay.

I could have counted on her help in every moment and for everything: we got on well like a house on fire!
In a nutshell: “Thank you very much Stephanie: you made my trip!”

Valentina, Sicily – Phd Research Fellow at UCL, London

Having worked with Stephanie I can vouch that her attention to detail goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

She always makes sure she provides a professional but approachable accommodation service that makes all parties feel at ease. One of her best skills is her ability to put herself into the shoes of both the students involved as well as the host families by creating a trusted network. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend International Student Experiences for a linguistic stay.

Kelly, Editorial Assistant

During last summer, I have spent one month and two weeks in Tunbridge Wells studying English. In this period, I knew Stephanie Heymer who was working at this school on the accommodation side. Stephanie provided a professional and an effective service by focusing on our personal needs with all her energies. Every family chosen by Stephanie was selected with a great attention and care, and at the end of my English studies, a great relationship between the host families and the students was created. Thanks to her outstanding work my stay in Tunbridge Wells was a fantastic moment and a pleasure. And, of course, studying in this friendly environment was very important in order to get my IELTS certification. I would thoroughly recommend International Student Experiences for a language experience in Tunbridge Wells.

Federico, Phd Research Fellow , Imperial College, London – From Italy.

I have known Stephanie professionally & personally since 2002.  Stephanie managed a team which handled a large volume of insurance claims from demanding high net worth individuals and professionals.  Her interpersonal skills were evident and she is resilient, steadfast, and an exceptional communicator. She has managed teams effectively and efficiently, whilst being held in high esteem by team members as well as her peers and line managers.

I found that Stephanie worked well with others. Her colleagues & clients respected and sought out her opinion. She is a very able negotiator with high standards and expectations of herself.  Her organisational skills are particularly good and these were apparent, not only in her organisation of work but also in her successful arrangement of a number of corporate and social events. She pays close attention to detail and is clearly highly creative, whilst also practical and clearly has a flair for organising programmes and logistics.

Stephanie is fluent in French. She is always able to use her linguistic skills effectively and professionally in any circumstance.

Stephanie clearly enjoys working with young people, providing interesting and stimulating activities in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment

Anne Phillips

I have known Stephanie for 20 years.  She is reliable, approachable, very easy to talk to and she listens well.

She takes her professional position very seriously and does not take on responsibility lightly.

She takes pride in all that she does and would never embark upon a project unless she knew that she was in a position to perform well and achieve, usually superseding expectations.

Her language and commercial background sets her apart and makes her extremely qualified in this area.

Whilst teacher training with her I witnessed her skill set including patience, empathy, an ability to communicate and utmost respect for individuals contributions.

And so I do not hesitate in recommending her services.

Zoe Abraham