Host Families

Becoming a Host Family with ISE

Post BoxMany thousands of people in Britain already enjoy hosting by offering accommodation to International Students. It is a wonderful and effective way of broadening one’s own horizons by learning about other cultures without the airline ticket cost. In addition to the financial benefit it is often the case that our hosts end up making life long friendships with their students. Our students are International, however the majority will come from Europe with the intention of improving their English language skills in a warm and welcoming environment.

If you are caring, have a spare bedroom available and would be interested in sharing your culture, knowledge of the local area and experience with others whilst earning an additional income, then why not get in touch to register with us?

The experience can be hugely rewarding for both students and hosts alike.

As a host family you can rest assured that students are expected to abide by your own customs and have reasonable expectations. We work with leading organisations and reputable clients to provide respectful visitors for you to accommodate.

Of course, there is the added benefit of receiving a weekly financial incentive for each student you accept into your home.

If this sounds like the sort of lifestyle arrangement that would interest you, then please take a few moments to complete our ‘Become a Host Family’ form and one of our consultants will get in touch to discuss the various options.

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Here’s what some of our families say about hosting:

“A resounding success Stephanie, well done. Looking forward to hosting more students from ISE soon. We have an invite from our student’s family already and we are planning to visit them next year” Andie C, Tunbridge Wells

“The boys we had were exceptionally well behaved and very personable – we were all quite apprehensive beforehand but found ourselves looking forward to seeing them again only after the first evening!  They ate everything that was offered, helped to clear the table, made their beds and even smelt nice! My son Oli (7) loved having them around – they took the effort to ask him about himself and played a few games with him. It turned out to be the most fantastic experience for all of us and we can’t wait to do it again!” The Armstrongs, Sevenoaks

“We had such a lovely time with the students, it was a great experience so the boys and I would be delighted to host again for you.” Susie B, Sevenoaks

“I have hosted for the last 5 years and I still get excited every time we host new students. They area always eager to try all things British and really throw themselves into the way of life of their host family. Would thoroughly recommend hosting with ISE to anybody thinking about it. It’s also a great way to earn some extra money.” Pam P, Tunbridge Wells

“We loved the experience. Great students! My children loved it as much as we did and managed to learn some French and Italian – What a bonus!” Mr & Mrs Carter-B, Tunbridge Wells

“We have tried having lodgers and hosting. Hosting for us wins hands down. You really feel like you have family visiting you by the end of it, and you never have the feeling (like I did with lodgers) that strangers are taking over your personal space and home. You also can rest assured that ISE pay promptly and that they operate a completely flexible arrangement so you host when it suits you and your family”  Sylvia P, Tunbridge Wells

“Thanks Stephanie – The whole family absolutely loved it- Please put us down for the next one” Alison, Sevenoaks

“Have been hosting for many years. We love receiving and meeting all the new visitors. It’s a great experience and it pays for several holidays a year- We all win” Jo AP, Tunbridge Wells

“To us hosting is the only choice. We got an extra bed in our spare room and so can host three students at a time. We can’t think of a more fulfilling & wonderful way of earning approx £800 per month tax free – We can’t deny that the money is great, however we absolutely love it!” Marie & Peter B, Sevenoaks