About Us



The key to our success is that we are a collaborative operation.

Founded in 2014 by Stephanie, who is completely bilingual, the core team at International Student Experiences HQ came together with rich and diverse backgrounds which underpins our success.

London Eye

We therefore pride ourselves as not merely a provider of education, but equally a provider of superior development opportunities and services that will help all who visit flourish.

We boast a fantastic multi-lingual team with a unique combination of qualifications and backgrounds, many of which have been established over the last 20 years through successful careers within the heart of the financial capital, the City of London.


Some of these include:

  • Education & Teaching
  • Language School Accommodation Specialists
  • International Operational Management
  • Event & Itinerary Management
  • People & Career Development
  • Domestic and International Law
  • Mathematics

Our high standards and creative focus keep us fresh and current. This is mirrored in our quest to support and forge close relationships within the local business community and to collaborate with the wider community.

Here is what some people say about us:

“I have known Stephanie professionally & personally since 2002.  Stephanie managed a team which handled a large volumes of business from demanding high net worth individuals and professionals.  Her interpersonal skills were evident and she is resilient, steadfast, and an exceptional communicator. She has managed teams effectively and efficiently, whilst being held in high esteem by team members as well as her peers and line managers.  Stephanie worked well with others. Her colleagues & clients respected and sought out her opinion. She is a very able negotiator with high standards and expectations of herself.  Her organisational skills are particularly good and these were apparent, not only in her organisation of work but also in her successful arrangement of a number of corporate and social events. She pays close attention to detail and is clearly highly creative, whilst also practical and clearly has a flair for organising programmes and logistics.  Stephanie is fluent in French. She is always able to use her linguistic skills effectively and professionally in any circumstance.  Stephanie clearly enjoys working with young people, providing interesting and stimulating activities in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment”

Anne Phillips, Senior Manager in Financial Services

“Having worked with Stephanie I can vouch that her attention to detail goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  She always makes sure she provides a professional but approachable accommodation service that makes all parties feel at ease. One of her best skills is her ability to put herself into the shoes of both the students involved as well as the host families by creating a trusted network. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend International Student Experiences for a linguistic stay.”

Kelly Crampton Editorial Assistant

“I have known Stephanie for more than 20 years.  She is reliable, approachable, very easy to talk to and she listens well.  She takes her professional position very seriously and does not take on responsibility lightly.  She takes pride in all that she does and would never embark upon a project unless she knew that she was in a position to perform well and achieve, usually superseding expectations.  Her language and commercial background sets her apart and makes her extremely qualified in this area.  Whilst teacher training with her I witnessed her skill set including patience, empathy, an ability to communicate and utmost respect for individuals’ contributions.  And so I do not hesitate in recommending her services.”

Zoe Abraham, Education Specialist